enri-199x300My name is Enrico. I was born in 1975, in the province of Pordenone, Italy, where I still live. I have always been an outdoor person, enjoying lots of activities, with fishing and bike riding being particular favourites. However, after an accident in 1995, I became quadriplegic and my adjustment to this has given me new opportunities to gain computer skills as an aid to communication. I have developed proficiency with new technology and have used this to provide employment opportunities in related fields. I work part-time in an engineering company and as a freelance designer creating ideas for print and websites. My approach is one of simplicity and clarity in delivering information in a visually attractive way. Examples of recent work can be seen at my portfolio. I view my skills as empowering me to provide solutions for others. In my mind I can travel and communicate very effectively. In addition to Italian I speak English, German and Spanish and enjoy the interaction opportunities which new technology can provide. I like to think, that in the vast web, there might be someone out there interested in exchanging ideas with me, and maybe in need of the skills I can offer. If this is for you, then please drop me a line; you will surely get a reply.